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Our attention to service and quality customer care is why our customers remain loyal. At Roadnet, the customer always comes first.


  • Disabled Vehicles and Motorcycles - We have the necessary experience, expertise, and equipment to tow a variety of vehicles and Motorcycles, even those without wheels.
  • Difficult Locations - We are able to retrieve your vehicle where most other companies are not able to, such as parking garages.
  • Emergency Fuel Delivery – Ran out of fuel on a highway? We are just a call away.
  • Lockout Services – Locked out of your car or locked keys inside your car? Call us and we’ll help you recover your keys in minutes. Drivers are certified in lockout services for all types of vehicles.
  • Tire Service – Have a flat or damaged tire? We can assist you with an inflated spare tire or help deliver air. Our vehicles contain portable hydraulic jacks and equipment for a tire change.
  • Collision Towing – In the unfortunate event of a collision, we can assist you in towing your vehicle. Your vehicle will be towed to our storage facility or the nearest auto body repair shop. Your insurance company can inspect the vehicle and this service is FREE under most insurance coverage.

Do you need to transport your machinery from one jobsite to another? Our fleet of tow trucks constitutes one of the most experienced and certified companies to do the job. We have the ability to transport all kinds of machinery, including: building equipment, earth moving machinery, lifting machinery, portable buildings, etc.


Our fleet of trucks ranges from 1 ton to 30 tons, including:

  • Heavy, medium & light-duty wheel lifts.
  • Heavy, medium & light-duty flatbeds.
  • Boom trucks for off-road recovery.
  • Landoll trailers for heavy equipment or portable buildings.

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Our corporate office is located in Houston, TX. Contact us for any business inquiries.

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