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Medium-Heavy Duty Towing

To accommodate all of your towing needs, Roadnet provides medium-duty as well as heavy-duty towing. What classifies the ‘duty’ of your vehicle is its weight. Regular vehicles for everyday use, such as sedans and SUVs, are considered to be light-duty vehicles, which can be lifted by any tow truck. However, vehicles such as large vans (i.e. moving vans) or small buses are considered to be medium-duty whereas larger vehicles such as buses, trailers, and large trucks (i.e. garbage trucks) are considered to be heavy-duty vehicles. Roadnet provides medium-duty as well as heavy-duty towing to take care of all of your transportation needs, regardless of the size of your vehicle.


  • Efficient & Prompt Response Time
  • Great Service at Affordable rates
  • Complete Customer Satisfaction
  • Trained, Experienced, and Professional
  • Licensed, Bonded, and Insured
  • Serving the area since 1992

We are available to provide a medium - heavy-duty tow service, 24/7. Call now 713-266-4100 and we will dispatch one of our Professional, experienced Medium - Heavy Duty Tow Drivers to arrive at your location. We pride ourselves on 100% Customer Satisfaction, we will never make you wait for an extended period of time, guaranteed 30 min arrival time otherwise we will schedule a time most convenient for your medium-heavy duty towing service.

Corporate Info & Media

Our corporate office is located in Houston, TX. Contact us for any business inquiries.

11729 Fairmont St

Houston, TX 77035

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Monday: 24 Hours

Tuesday: 24 Hours

Wednesday: 24 Hours

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Friday: 24 Hours

Saturday: 24 Hours

Sunday: 24 Hours


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